• Simple web QR maker with zxing and Thymeleaf

    Encode text into QR Code with zxing and display it using thymeleaf. Live demo here.

  • Plain Thymeleaf

    Thymeleaf is an HTML (and more) template engine for Java. This is the core in action with nothing else.

  • Lissajous curve Java

    Just a Lissajous curve on Java displayed on a JFrame.

  • Java Redis pub/sub example with Jedis

    This is a Redis pub/sub example written in Java using Jedis.

  • Redis 2022

    What is Redis (Remote Dictionary Server) on 2022. What can we do with it. How to scale. How to run it on the cloud.

  • A custom annotation to apply currying in Java

    I created a custom annotation in order to apply currying to a method or constructor.

  • Java @Annotations

    If you have been using Java for about a week (probably even less) chances are you have already seen some annotations. Let’s review some stuff about them.

  • Currying in Java

    Let’s see some examples of how to achieve currying in Java.

  • Remove duplicates in unordered array with Java using streams

    Heres how to remove duplicates from an unordered primitive int array on Java using streams.

  • Remove duplicates in ordered array Java

    Heres how to remove duplicates from an ordered primitive int array on Java.

  • Quick test

    Juat checking if I can post directly from GitHub.

  • Binary search trees

    A binary search tree is a binary tree where the left subtree has smaller elements and the right subtree has larger elements.

  • Cycle in Linked list

    I’ll show three different ways in which we can detect if theres a loop in a Linked List.

  • Priority queue using binary heap

    A priority queue is an abstract data type that saves items with a priority and when we fetch the next element (poll) we receive the element with the highest priority in the case of a max priority queue or the lowest priority if we are using a min priority queue.

  • Queue

    My notes on the queue abstract data type with an implementation using an array in Java.

  • Stack

    My notes on the stack abstract data type with an implementation using an array in Java.

  • Dynamic array

    My notes on Dynamic array with an implementation in Java.

  • Linked list

    My notes on Linked list with an implementation in Java.

  • Set if not null Java

    Simple ways to check if a value is null before setting it to some object in Java.

  • N-Queens backtraking

    This is the N-Queens problem solution with a backtraking approach, look here for the N-Queens brute force approach.

  • N-Queens brute force

    The N-Queens problem consists in finding a position for N chess queens in a board of NxN squares where none of the queens are attacking each other.

  • Trying out localstack with JUnit5

    I was trying to fake Amazon Web Services using localstack by running it with Junit5 and this is what I did.

  • Easy Java desktop UI with JavaFX and gluon scene builder

    If you need some GUI for your desktop Java application you can use the scene builder from Gluon to drag and drop controls and you can then export them into a .fxml file that you can load using JavaFX. In this example we are using Java 11 and maven.

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